There's no guidebook to adoption... until now. 
Introducing All About Adoption

A comprehensive, step-by-step course designed to give you the answers

and clarity you need to navigate the adoption process.

At Adoption & Beyond, we’ve spent nearly three decades helping families adopt children into loving homes. 

We know the adoption process inside and out, but when families come to us, they often feel confused, emotional, and overwhelmed. 

All About Adoption is your comprehensive guide to the entire adoption process, from those critical first steps, all the way to submitting your application. 

Inside All About Adoption we cover:

The ins and outs of domestic adoption 

Best practices and importance of attachment and bonding 

Understanding the experience of expecting parents

Pros and cons of open adoption 

Guidance for post-placement and finalizing your adoption 

Plus dozens of bonus resources, checklists, and trainings

We can’t promise a stress-free journey, but with All About Adoption we can arm you with the resources you need to feel empowered and confident every step of the way.
You deserve a clear process and a compassionate guide to adoption.
We created All About Adoption to give you exactly that.

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supports adoptive parents through this important journey.

Meet Your Instructor

I'm Steffany, and I founded Adoption & Beyond, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in 1998. I, along with each member of our staff, have been both personally and professionally impacted by adoption, and many of us have been through the home study process ourselves. 

As a non-profit, child-placing agency, we work diligently to uphold ethical values and transparency in everything we do, while always keeping the child's best interests at heart. We created the All About Adoption course to help families overcome the overwhelm and get their journeys started on the right foot. 
Explore All About Adoption: a comprehensive step-by-step course
Module 1: Introduction

In this module we'll help you answer the questions, "What are all the pieces of adoption?" and "Where do I even start?"

Module 2: The Domestic Adoption Process

In this detailed module, we'll cover the ins and outs of the domestic adoption process so you know just what to expect around every corner. 

Module 3: Attachment and Bonding

When adopting a newborn, some wonder how important traditional adoption attachment and bonding approaches are in the early stages. We'll help you decide what's right for your family. 

Module 4: Understanding Expecting Parents

Birth parents are making a brave and monumental decision to place their child for adoption. This module will help you see the experience from their eyes, so you can support your child in understanding his or her adoption circumstances down the road. 

Module 5: Post-Placement & Finalization

We know you're eager for "happily ever after!" and we're getting close. This module will help you wrap up loose ends with confidence as you prepare for a fulfilling future.

Module 6: Open Adoptions

This module covers the option to proceed with an open adoption. We'll cover what it is and how it could impact your child and your family in the long run.

Module 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption comes with what feels like zillions of questions. Don't worry – we've heard them all. In this module, we address those we hear most frequently.

Module 8: Closing

It's one thing to check all the boxes off your adoption task list, but you want the process to go as smoothly as possible, too. In this module, we'll give you some parting advice with that goal in mind. 

Plus more than a dozen bonus resources:

7 Questions to Ask an Adoption Professional

7 Traits of a Good Adoption Attorney

Adoption Terminology

Six Steps in an Adoptive Home Study

Tips for Creating a Physical Profile

Match Meeting Questions

Hospital Plan Questionnaire

Why Expecting Moms Make an Adoption Plan

Identifying Adoption Scams

3 Open Adoption Myths

Adoption Books for Ages 2-4

Medical Leave for Adoption

5 Signs to Know You're Ready for Adoption

7 Steps to Prepare for Adoption

Why Adoption Costs So Much

Adoption Timeline

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Adoption

Choosing an Adoption Agency 

Home Study Checklist 

The Best Adoption Books 

 Unsolicited Adoption Advice 

 The Benefits of an Adoption Community

We've broken down the entire adoption process into easy-to-digest pieces so you can get the answers you're looking for without wasting time or money. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long will it take to complete this course?
    From start to finish, you can complete the course in roughly two hours.
  • Will this course cover foster care or international adoptions?
    This course is only designed to cover the foundations of domestic infant adoption in the United States.
  • How long will I have access to this course?
    Once you purchase this course, the information provided inside is yours to keep for the lifetime of the course!
  • Can you guarantee adoption?
    I can guarantee you will learn all about adoption and how to get started in the adoption process. But, we cannot guarantee that a family will qualify for or complete an adoption.
  • Is this course for families looking to adopt a child in the United States?
    Yes, this course is designed for U.S.-based families looking to adopt an infant in any of the 50 states.
  • Can I take this course no matter what state I live in?
    Yes, the information we cover is valid in all 50 states.
  • Will I receive a training certificate?
    You will — for many adoption agencies (certainly ours!), this will knock some of your education requirements out of the way.

Adoption is a rewarding journey.

Start yours by enrolling in All About Adoption today.

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